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Personally, I would remove valuables from the boat, take pictures of everything, and just assume the boat is going to be tied up in court for a while. You may not want to deal with a lawyer, but the cost in the long run will be less.
Certainly not the course I would pursue but free advice is worth what you pay for it (mine included). This means no sailing for quite a while but still having 100% of the expenses like storage fees accumulating. By the time it is resolved in court your storage fees will be more than it would have cost you to fix it. Average waiting time in BC for small claims court date is 164 days and at $25 day storage that is $4100 you will not likely recover. You also cant recover your lawyers fees in BC small claims court. Lawyers here charge $150-575 an hour and you have to know they will need at least 20 hours (way more if it goes to court). If you have no problem spending another $7-10k you wont recover to still not have it fixed then this is the way to go. FIXING THIS WILL COST FAR LESS THAN HIRING A LAWYER!

Have it fixed by another shop so you can use it and sue these clowns in small claims yourself. Why would you want to give these guys an opportunity to do more damage (work?) anyway?

You will have to pay the bill in order to have them splash you or let it out of the yard and if you have been making noise dont expect them to reduce their fees without a liability waiver. You will likely be paying the full amount and having to pursue them in small claims court.
Small claims doesnt require a lawyer but you will need to have a surveyor or qualified marine expert (maybe your new repair shop) prepare a report for the court providing evidence this was all the fault of the repairer. If this cant be proven then its time to call your insurance company or suck it up

Thanks for providing the name of a shop to avoid. Good luck in making the best of a bad situation
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