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I've had requests for the name of the service company but I don't have enough posts to send private mail.
I'll hold off telling the list until the bill has been settled. So far they want $2880 for repairs, but maybe they'll be reasonable. :laugher
Get a quote from someone on a new rudder, I'd wager it'll be two to three times that much, if not more. On our 30ft boat with a new 1 1/2'' shaft, new foam, glass, it's coming to around $1500 in parts and $3500 in labor.

I would weigh that into your decision on what to do heavily, considering that you don't want to splash with a bent rudder along with the impact on resale value it would have.

Personally, I would remove valuables from the boat, take pictures of everything, and just assume the boat is going to be tied up in court for a while. You may not want to deal with a lawyer, but the cost in the long run will be less.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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