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Earlier I posted a HELP WANTED post... too much detail - hopefully this is clearer.


You Today - Me Tomorrow.... - an old Russian Proverb.

Dana Point Harbor is about to be ADVERSELY affected by "Modernization Plans" discussed at a California Coastal Commission hearing on Thursday. What happens at Dana can and likely will be used up and down the West Coast... We are in support of California Coastal Commission - and OPPOSE the Harbor/City of Dana Point's Retail Conversion "modernization plan". Similar marina attrition losses have happened all over the EAST and Gulf COAST - so I ask ALL fellow boaters to OPPOSE these plans by:

1 - Emailing a letter OPPOSING "Modernization" to:
Bonnie Neely ==> bonnie.neely"@"
Teresa Henry ==> thenry"@"
Fernie Sy ==> fsy"@"
Bruce Heyman ==> bruceheyman"@" (CC for use by Bruce at the meeting)
(REMOVE the " (quotes) to send email - this avoid spammers)

2 - FAX (if you can) an "Modernization OPPOSING Letter" to:
(415) 904-5400 (Calif. Coastal Commission Headquarters)
(562) 590-5084 (South Coast - Calif. Coastal Commission)

3 - ATTEND THE MEETING on June 11 (Thursday) AND SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.... if possible.
June 11, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Marina Del Rey
LA/OC (South Coast Area) "Marina Del Rey Hotel"
13534 Bali Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Item 22.5a (Dana Point Harbor Marina Development Plan - LCPA-DPT-1-08)


To Summarize: Dana "Modernization plans" may result in:

1 - Slip loss of 477 net slips - with 1100 boats likely to come out of the water.
2 - Shipyard size reduction in favor of "Festival Plaza":
- You can go 25 offshore miles to Newport Beach for that Critical Maintenance need.
- more difficult for normal maintenance - so marina boats will be more "run down"
3 - Dedicated boater parking moved up to 1000 feet away: nice hike to haul your Gear!
4 - Trailer Boat Parking - fewer and smaller spaces
5 - Loss or moving of 683 additional dry storage boat locations.
6 - No New Yacht or Boating Clubs - EVERY!!!! Yet "new retail space" has no defined tennants.
7 - Reductions of perhaps 60% of dedicated boater parking. Prepare to hike.
8 - Slip and Boat Fee increases. Vast reduction of boat slips means that the REST of the
boaters must pick up the cost - to ensure that our slips continue to be 41%+ profitable!

Dana Point Harbor (Dana Point Harbor - Dana Point, CA) is PUBLICLY owned. It has 2409 wet and additional 683 trailer/dry boat storage spaces.

I previously posted a LOT OF DETAIL - for those who want to check into it in depth. So I summarize here - and ask your email support - whether you are in Maine, the Gulf Coast, Florida, or in Newport Beach. EROSION of our marina resources is something that affects us all.

It is NOT - IN MY STRONG OPINION - either a MODERNIZATION or a REVITALIZATION - when the Boaters take a MASSIVE IMPACT in resources or available services. It's more of a "RETAIL GRAB"... That's why I am posting this email.....

--Jerry Robinson
Boat Owner at Dana Point Harbor
(Columbia 28 MK II )
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