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I was pretty into sea kayaking before getting into sailing. What are your goals besides getting out on the water? That helps to determine which one you will enjoy.

Kayaking gives you a much better ability to explore the coastline at a very close up and personal level. It is a great platform to check out the wildlife from.

Sailing makes it a lot easier to cover long distances in one day. A 30nm day is long on a sea kayak, but it's pretty easy to do 60nm days on a sailboat (coastal cruising, not sailing 24 hours through) and longer if you take full advantage of the tides.

Both offer plenty of chances to learn new skills. Sailing efficiently is one of those things that seems simple but takes a lot of time to master. The same is true of handling a sea kayak in rough and tight technical conditions (like playing in rocky surf).

I found that the navigation and planning skills from kayaking carried right over into sailing. I learned how to read charts, understand back eddies, read the water, and plan a course through kayaking. All of the same stuff matters for sailing.
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