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I have the same issue on my P-35. Very large ice box without a lot of insulation. We also use the icebox for storage of nonperishables/drygoods. We have a large Coleman cooler that we use for cold drinks and perishables. We passed on the wheels as they reduce the size of storage room in the cooler and you have to lift it onto the boat anyway. Two people on the cooler makes carrying it very manageable, even when one of the persons is my younger daughter. We leave the Cooler in cockpit in the sun and the ice will last for 3 days. We have a large cockpit and the cooler fits well and also acts a table. We only put the cooler below deck if we are racing. Plus it's nice not to have to go below everytime somebody wants a beverage. I've had it for 5 or 6 years now and no issues with handles or hinges breaking.
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