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It doesn't have wheels, and it is heavy, but our Yeti cooler is indestructible and keeps ice better than any other cooler we've owned. It's expensive, but for us it was definitely worth it.
+1 on Yeti.

I bought an Igloo 70 on sale for around $100. Over the course of three or four years I put hundreds of dollars into replacement handles, hold downs, hinges, and latches. Something was always broken. When the case finally cracked I had had enough. In fairness, the cooler lived outdoors on my aft deck. The UV and maybe acid rain just beat it up.

I got a Yeti 85 that is now about five years old. In the same service the only maintenance has been a little ArmorAll on the hold downs once or twice a year. It is better insulated and much more robust. The higher purchase price pays back in just a few years.

All that said, I agree with Denise that a drop-in refrigeration mod is easy to do.
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