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Hey everyone,

I have an odd problem that I hope you can help me with.

My sink in the galley has acquired an odd / bad smell.

I've cleaned the sink bowl and run boiling hot soapy water down but it won't go away .

I worry about putting bleach down there as I don't want to damage the pipes.

The boat was built in 2008, so I doubt the pipes need replacing. There is no smell below he sink area or in he heads sink or head Itself.

Many thx in advance

Chuck buck

Maple leaf
Ben 31

Hi everyone

Any suggestions on how to remove Oder from the sink in the galley?

Much appreciated!!
Floating debris rotting on the water surface within the drain, including, perhaps dead sealife. One solution is to "blow" the standing water and its contents out. For that you can use one of the pressurized signaling horns sold at marine stores. You can make a temporary gasket around the drain with a couple of wet paper towels cut away over the drain opening itself. Press the bell of the signal horn down, over the drain, firmly and give the drain a 2-3 second blast. The pressure will blow the standing water out through the through-hull. If the drain serves two sinks, insert a plug in one and hold it firmly in place while blasting out through the second/adjoining drain. We've used the foregoing to good advantage in past...
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