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Occasional use of bleach is not doing to harm anything.

Something that is often misunderstood about bleach is that more is not much better, but it can be more destructive. The more that is used, the higher the pH, and the less the germicidal effectiveness (broad statement with many limitations). Time is much more important. This holds true for many cleaning applications; less bleach and more time.

Mix ~ 1 tsp/gallon and let it sit in each of the drains for at least an hour.

But you might try this first, to remove the junk: baking soda followed by bleach. At first I thought this was silly; just a bunch of CO2 from the reaction. But it is the bubbles getting UNDER the dirt that does the work in inaccessible places, combined with the initial alkalinity and surfactant nature of the bicarb.
Clean Your Drains With Baking Soda and Vinegar - Surprise! | Crunchy Betty
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