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Actually you will find bleach about 6% Sodium Hyperchlorite.
It seems to vary country to country probably because of local laws.

Bleach is your friend on a boat.

As a test get a jar and put in a piece of water hose, an old Jabsco toilet O Ring and any bits of rubber or plastic that lying around the boat and fill it with normal household bleach, like Chlorox, at full strength.

Watch it CAREFULLY for the first hour.... Now keep watching for a whole week and test the rubber and plastic used in toilets and water systems on boats...

It will come out clean and undamaged. The rubber wont be sticky, the plastic will still be fine...

After that you will feel fine to use bleach all over your boat.

Splash it around! It wont hurt your boat, it will not hurt the environment.


(Love the air horn idea!)

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