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If youve been draining fats and oils down the sink drain these will be trapped above the waterline (similar to a 'grease trap' in a sanitary drain) and adhere/congeal to the hosing, etc. What happens next is the proteins begin to rot and 'putrify' ... forming 'putrenes', the unpleasant odor of decomposition.

To remove, close the through-hull and pour in STRONG caustic detergent (TriSodiumPhosphate {TSP} or lye based soaps are also good) and let soak to dissolve the fats/oils and their rotting 'fragrances'. You may have to repeat the soaking a few times to thoroughly remove the 'stink'.

Once cleaned out, simply dont pour fats (bacon grease, etc.) down the sink drain, pour these into containers, seal them and put them in the trash.
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