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Jay being nuts? Probably so, as he owns a boat.
In regards to snubbers, indeed most people use ropes far too strong, hence with too little stretch; 3/8 (or 10 mm) is often enough, and only of wind pipes up to 40 to 50 knots one could consider going up a size or two.

Secondly, indeed most snubbers are too short; the longer it is the better it will work. Hmmm, does that mean 100 ft of chain with 100 ft of nylon snubber/rode? I think it would work well, assuming that those lengths are correct for the size of boat and depth of water.

The option OceanGirl gives via the the pdf file/link has certainly benefits, ie no stretchy nylon over the bowrollers, creating heat/chafe. The only thing is that adding dyneema to the top and bottom of the snubber creates more links, more opportunities to fail. It certainly does not adhere to the KISS principle.
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