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But only in tight quarters, right? Reason I ask is that we prep for the strong winds. Then if it's light winds, we don't change anything. We just stay prepared for strong winds.

I agree with your philosophy here Brad. My biggest anchor is my primary anchor, and I like to lay out lots of scope. I only change to shorter scope when quarters are tight (which is actually quite often).

I do have a second anchor that I would lay out if I knew a big storm was coming, but usually if I know a big blow is coming I'm more worried about securing a safe harbor and anchoring somewhere protected, with good holding and low fetch than I am with laying out more ground tackle. I also likely wouldn't be in tight quarters (short scope) if I expected said blow.

I think this philosophy is part of why I've been comfortable with my snubber which does not have an adjustable length. Rarely am I in a situation where I feel I need to change my scope after it's already been laid out.

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