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I bought the SanJuan 33S that I referred to a while back ( here - SanJuan 33S knowledge ) well worth the money IMO.

thanks to those that chimed in on that thread, so far so good, I have had her out out in light wind, 2-4 knots and in 12-15 knots w/ gusts of 22-24 (per the anemometer)
So far she has had good manners and I am learning her nature as we go. The main sail is huge compared to my cruiser and the biggest issue I have with it is trying to flake on the boom 🤯 it has a rope luff and having the whole sail ‘free’ is a handful
The self tacking jib-is a mystery- I believe it was rigged incorrectly but I have never seen one nor can I find good pictures of the setup. I can only find one 33S for sale in the world but have yet to get pictures of the fore defect to compare.
I have tried to rig like a main sail traveler but that doesn’t work smoothly and quite honestly, seems labor intensive, which would be counter productive to having a self-tacker to begin with.
It has a radius curved track, a center car with 2 blocks, a block that connects to the clew of the sail. There are pad eyes at either end that also have blocks attached. A single line runs from the cockpit to the port pad eye block then to the port car/block then to the block at the clew, then the starboard car/block then to the starboard pad eye block and back to the cockpit. Does this sound right?
My mind tells me that you should be able to trim the car on the track same as a traveler and there are small pulleys under cat but no lines, when I attempted to add controls it really complicated things…🤔. If any one has any experience with these beasts I would sure listen to some input. I’ll try to get some pictures if that would clear it up any
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