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I found out recently that when my father passed away he left behind a boat that no one knew about. Here is what I know about the boat:
- It has been in the water of Port Isabel, TX bay since at least 1997 without any upkeep.
- It is a 28' 1979 Buccaneer
- It has been "stripped" according to another boat owner in the marina. From the pictures I have received I take that to mean the sails are gone? I have been told that the outboard motor was stolen at some point.

I am 800 miles away and cannot get down to see the boat for myself or find anyone to speak to that is knowledgeable of boats in the next few weeks. I guess I'm just trying to figure out what my next steps are (keep it or sell it)

Here are my questions:
- Is there any way to guesstimate what it might cost to get the boat back to working order? If not, who might I go to locally to ask to look at the boat and what questions should I be asking?
- How much would a trailer cost to transport a 28' boat?
- Is there more to it than just getting a vehicle, trailer and someone that knows what they are doing to get it out of the water?

I do have a few pictures of the boat but I cannot get the files to upload.
If more information is needed to answer anything I'll do my very best to find out. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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