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A friend sent this to me. I didn't realize it was so prolific. Don't know whether its real or not. No; i have no affliation with the outfit.

Thought it was humorous; no Hunters....
US flagged 40 to 55 ft loa monohull (no catamarans)

The boat does not have to be new but has to be clean, uncluttered and very well maintained.

The boat should be able to perform to windward comfortably, safely and smartly.

Large cockpit for comfortably seating 6 guests.

Bimini should shade (this is the tropics) the cockpit.

Cockpit table for 6 guests.

Draft: 7.5 ft max

6-pak or multi-passenger

Boarding ladder for swimming and snorkeling

Classic performance yachts are OK, plain "Clorox" look is not OK - Hunters need not apply.
Don't worry if you don't quite meet the "ideal", everything is negotiable (except for the Hunters).

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Sounds like hell having to satisfy picky pain-in-the-ass sailing dilettante customers. First day, I'd say, "Fu&* Off, it's my boat, we do it my way, you get yer coffee cold and you like it".
I suppose you'd rather do the 9 to 5 thing, commuting several hours a day, and sit in a cubicle every day? If it's day work, it could be a pretty nice gig.
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