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Tim, give us some insight....
Did you rent special equipment? Generator? Special suits? Did you have to tent the boat? How was the cleanup, etc...
This was back in 2007 so details may be a little fuzzy.

I rented an industrial pull-behind type compressor from the local tool rental co. I also rented a sandblasting rig and bought the appropriate ceramic nozzles. We wore tyvek paint suits.

We tented the boat from the toe-rail down and also laid traps on the ground to recover the media. You can run the media through 2-3 times before it becomes ineffective. We would bast through a couple hopper fulls and sweep up the media and put back int eh hopper. We would repeat this and then discard the media after hte 3rd time through. You adjust your technique as the edges of the media get rounded off. But not difficult. You simply start from further away and move towards the surface until it is stripping paint, keep your distance consistent through that run.

A couple of times I messed up when we went back to fresh media and I left some small pin holes in the gelcoat which were later filled with thickened epoxy.

Do a search over at A few owners including myself have posted more info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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