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...Soda blast - big production. Need to get yard's permission. leaves the boat bottom in devastated condition. Any epoxy/paint work subsequent would need extensive sanding to prepare. There is a theory about not being able to control depth of medium ingress, leaving pin-holes for water/osmosis issues - Epoxy barrier coat negates that, I think. This took an afternoon, and my buddy stood around with a beer in his hand. (I started sanding the bottom of my boat in January, every Saturday for 2 hours. He called a guy, and accomplished the same thing in 4 hours.) cost about $700 for a 30-footer.

I believe that this could be due to operator skill. I saw a boat being soda blasted at the yard I am at and the result was very good - needed a power wash, fill and fair a few low spots and barrier coat. The whole thing down to the last bottom paint done in one weekend.
The price you mentioned is about right for our region and that is what I was quoted.
...I was planning to sand the bottom, etc. - I totally changed my mind.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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