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Solar Panels

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Hi, I’d like to add two 100w solar panels to charge my batteries. I have 3 batteries. 2 are house. Is there a way to charge all 3 with one controller? Or do I have to just hook jit up to one battery?
Below is my setup in photos.
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It's a bit difficult to see the batteries. Are all 3 the same?

1 is a 1050 starting battery, the other two are 880 house batteries. All flooded acid batteries from West Marine.

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Most (all?) solar chargers are designed to work with a single bank.

Perhaps there are solar controllers that are specifically designed to charge multiple banks, just like you can buy shore power chargers to do the same. But I've not heard of them.
I think you are saying that they need to be charging either a single battery or multiples of the same type of battery wired in parrallel or series. Is that what you mean by bank? I’ve read a bunch on batteries, but I’m just getting up to speed on all the different issues.
The two house batteries are in parallel so they count as one big battery - that is the "house bank". You can run the solar controller to the house bank and use a Blue Sea Systems 7610 SI-ACR Automatc Charging Relay - 12/24V DC / 120A between the house bank and the reserve battery to keep all charged.
While you're working there you should put some fuses on or very close to the battery . The Blue Sea MRBF Terminal Fuse Block with 150 amp fuses are good protection.
MaineSail has articles about all of this - search
Here is the link to the ACR information -
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