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Solo today on Long Island Sound

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Went for a solo sail today. Great wind, whitecaps on the sound. The slip is pretty protected, so taking her out wasn't bad and docking was pretty straightforward. I took along a camera phone, so this time I've got pictures.

Very happy to be heading out

Shot of the bow

A race was in progress. How do you join those anyway? It looked like fun!

The autopilot was on

A picture of the sails

Barry showed me how to use tell tales earlier this week. Not sure these would meet his approval, but you can't see all the tell tales from the winches

A picture of the wake. The sailing race is in the background

The obligatory shoe picture. Yes I stood on one foot to take this

A much better shoe picture

The next few pictures are of the boat hove to.

Here's the slick that was created when I hove to.

Another shot of the slick

The slick

From the bow looking aft

Did you like the bow picture? Here's another one

The dock lines were stored already cleated to the boat, to make docking easier.

It's not that pretty, but the fenders stay attached too, to make docking easier. No sense storing them when you can easily take them out of the water.

A picture from the cockpit. I was clipped in the entire time, with two careful exceptions.

As I was rolling up the genny and dropping the main, I watched this tug get closer.

Getting ready to dock, I ran the bow line back so I could easily grab it after stepping from the cockpit to the dock.

The bow line is setup in the background, and now the midship cleat line is setup.

The stern line is run forward to near the gate in the lifeline. I thought it was all ready to go. Does anyone see the little complication that I ran into as I grabbed the line to pull the stern closer to the dock?

Back at the dock after a great sail, the lines and fenders are in place.

A shot from shore. It was getting toward evening, by the time I put everything away and towel dryed 2 of the bilges (I've been waiting to get that done), so there wasn't as much light. I also enjoyed some Heineken.

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Looks like a great day, Brad... and pretty decent pictures from your 'phone' too!
Hi Brad,

Well done! You have a lot of skill to be able to get in and out of that slip. For you, the SAILING is the easy part!

Thanks for the photos. Very much appreciated.
Nice.., looked fun.
God on ya Brad! It is really so awesome seeing others other there sailing solo.
Nice shoes! Where can we get them???
Wish we'd gone out, but had to attend a sailor's funeral. We're hoping for next weekend!
Nice shoes! Where can we get them???
Wish we'd gone out, but had to attend a sailor's funeral. We're hoping for next weekend!
Payless Shoe Store. When I sailed with BillyRuff'n in the spring, I showed up with sneakers on. I asked if they were ok. He said "yes", but the expression on his face was saying "OK, but you'll mark up my deck". Since I had a couple of hours before we were to leave, I drove to the shoe store and picked them up for about $32, if I recall correctly. They make great boat shoes.

For real cold or wet conditions I have a pair of Sorel boots. They are made for walking in snow or snowmobiling down to 40 degrees below. They are big and bulky, they mark up our deck, but they are WARM. My feet never feel cold in them. They are in my current avatar in the foreground.

Sorry about your loss.

Good luck next weekend.

very cool!, pictures are great. Take care
Nice to see those pictures. I was in that race - next day I felt like I'd been in a barroom brawl.
Bene, you rock dude. Nice sailing.

BTW - were those two "carefully untethered" trips the ones where you were standing on one foot on the bow taking a freakin' picture OF YOUR FREAKIN' SHOE???? Heh-heh. I love it.
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