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Something about the fractional rig that I just don't get...

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There's a concept that's been bugging me about the factional rig. I understand the advantage of mast bend, but the smaller foresail is also touted as an advantage with the main being "the sail that does all the work anyway".

But, wasn't the big deck sweeping and overlapping headsail supposed to be the thing that really mattered? All the club racers have huge overlapping headsails and the "slot effect" is supposed to help with speed. I've heard people say that the headsail is the one that does all the work and pointing...

These guys are fast right? How come they look like masthead boats with big overlapping gennies?

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I would wonder why if the merits of fractional rigging are so beneficial to speed, why the fastest sailboat in the world uses a masthead overlapping jib.

One has got to think they have done more science models in a windtunnel than most other people.

I think fractional shows benefits in racing classes but if we are talking about cruising I do not really think it matters too much where sail area is not restricted.
I just figured that thin bit at the top was an antenna or something, looks too small to be a mast.

I know they have many configurations and run a lower height fractional for ocean going though.
I am 95% sure that tiny bit on top is not part of the mast, but an antenna.

Yea I am fairly certain it is masthead rigged.

In my picture the top of the jib goes all the way to the start of that spike.

Can not find any good pictures of just the top of the mast...

Anyway if it is fractional the stay is too high up to have the reason be mast bending and the jib goes higher than the mainsail or even with it depending how they run.

Is that not effectively the same as a masthead where the jib and main are the same height?

I was trying to make the point that if there was a benefit to doing it differently they would be doing it differently.
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