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There are those weekends when everything just goes perfectly. (We've been on the other end on this on many occasions)

- Caught a nice SW wind for a long close reach along the east side of Bainbridge Island, with NO RAIN
- A Bavaria 42 wants to drag race us, we blow past him
- The winds died completely at one point but what do we see off our port side? (see pic)
- Wife's camera just happened to be sitting right next to her WITH the telephoto lens already attached (pic below)
- We enter the ALWAYS crowded Blake Island marina and get the VERY last slip
- I had one of the best docking experiences of my life with an audience on hand to witness. (definitely been the other end of this one too many times to count)
- AND AND AND... our fav SEAHAWKS win to move onto the Super Bowl

..... it just does not get any better

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Wow! And, I thought it was cool to have a pod of dolphins swim nearby. :D
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