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SOS please help!! '72 Grampian 30'

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You must be me

Just saying hello.

I'm immersed in rebuilding 80% of the top deck of my 72 G30 which sits for now in my back yard. I have no real thoughts to share except to say these are fine boats. Make sure the top deck has no soft spots. If there are soft spots let me know and I will tell you what I have learned about restoring such a boat on the cheap....not that I have succeeded yet but I am on the way. I am in the midst of a huge complex task which only an insane man would undertake involving learning the fiber glass and epoxy arts. Does the atomic four turn? its ok if i wont start now but can you make the engine turn? Try with a monkey pipe or other wrench to turn it at the belt... that is important. If the engine turns take the plugs out and put oil in the cylinders right away. I have learned these engines are so incredibly tough that even a moron can't destroy them...they can almost always be brought back to life. Take it from me.

I am curious. Is this a hobby for you? Where will you work on the boat? Why would you consider such a hare brained idea as buying an old sailboat. Are you completely insane?....I am.... but I am fortunate to be surrounded by close friends... incredibly good talented people including a structural engineer and an understanding helpful girlfriend who loves the water and sailing and share my insanity and help me and support this insane venture. Without them I would never make it. I would drop the idea and the adventure without these people sharing it. I am lucky. I was just about ready to cut her up and haul her to the dump but now I am begining to make actual progress
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Good luck to you both, I have a G30 that I restored and sailed for 4 years now. I just returned this May from a 7 month cruise from Annapolis, MD to the Bahamas and back. They are great boats, regardless what some yahoo's on this site may say (the nay sayers are most likely Hunter/Catalina power boaters that only raise the sails with zero wind). Good luck with the restorations, and feel free to contact me with any questions. I have tons of pics on the Yahoo Grampian Group, great group, look under pics of Renaissance.

I wrote you a volume and a half but there is some rule about replies to your private message that I can't reply until I have posted X number of posts so all the stuff I wrote was LOST. I am too exhausted to rewrite now but re the atomic 4 consider this. I spoke to a guy who sank his boat with A4 where it remained under salt water for a year. He raised the boat AND BROUGHT THAT TOUGH OLD ENGINE BACK TO LIFE. I have a book on the Atomic 4. Ask me anything but I guess I have to post answers here until I have...again X number of posts up. I will reread your note but I just wanted to get this up quick Mick.

silly question

hey, where do you stow the table that converts the settee to a double? i cant find a stinkin handy place for it!!! sorry for the goofy question. lol

I put this piece of pipe in the lazaette under the port side settee. Not nice but convenient when you want to set up the table again. Right now I have those 3 compartments empty because they need to be power washed and degreased and repainted. PS I lied...mine is actually a 71. Did you buy her? how much.

Again I have a book about the atomic four. Still trying to post pics
my turn. The only design defect i can point to on my 71 are the scuppers along side the cockpit. Water pools there on my Grampian. The lower lip of the scupper gromet (drain tube through the rail) is too high on my boat; a half inch above the deck. Water rotted the deck there. How does this look on your 72? Does water pool? I may raise the deck there with layers of woven roving and chop mat plus epoxy. note these are scuppers up above the cockpit along the rail not in it.
some pics of my Grampian over the last 15 years

I sailed her down from New York. When I lost a sailing partner she fell into disrepair. i met new sailing friends and I am determined to bring her back from the dead.

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Were you able to see the pictures?

Were you able to see the pictures?

facebook firewalled at work... :(

but are you on the site?
I know this it an old post, but i bought this boat 5 months ago. I am taking quick mick to the coast march 21. 2014. Did you own her? I love this boat so far. I got the motor running. And it is great. She sails wonderfully. Do you have any background on her. Thanks.
You bought the boat five months ago...but you posted that you bought it back in 2010.

Liked it so much you bought it twice??
You bought the boat five months ago...but you posted that you bought it back in 2010.

Liked it so much you bought it twice??
Two different quick micks.
I LOVE my grampian G30.... That said she needs some work, i don't have soft spots on the deck but i have begun replacing passive vents with solar vents and found the core to emm... SOAKING WET... well this kinda pissed me off considering im a newbie... I had to use a rasp to open up the hole to fit my 4" vent into it and went through 3 rasps for just two holes.... Not a big deal but its a big deal considering id like to keep the vessel for a few more years...

My project list for spring commissioning consists of this...

1. rebed leaky portlights
2. somehow clean foggy/hazy portlights
3. replace the core near my hatch ( Soaking wet and leaky )
4. rewire bilge & mast
5. repack stuffing box

that pretty much sums up what i "Need to do"

any advice in tackling this to do list would be of great help. I was thinking of replacing the core with expanding spray foam, making sure to have a hole to vent pressure to avoid ruining the fiberglass. seemed to be a quick fix and would get the job done. i dont really wanna have to use balsa wood but let me know what you think is best....

Does anyone know what size flax i need for the stuffing box???? i have a Universal 25 3cylinder... im pretty sure the driveshaft is original though....
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A rasp, typically a wood rasp, is not meant for hard materials like metal or fiberglass. A four-inch or adjustable hole saw could run $45 in the hardware store but it will make many more holes, much faster.

Avoiding the ever-present temptation to "make do" or "cheap out" usually makes the jobs go faster, and cheaper in the long run.

Spray foam generally doesn't have compressive strength, which your deck core needs. And if you've got some soaked core here and there? Drill some 1/4" holes in a checkerboard pattern every foot out from the soaked area--on the underside if you want to hide them, but don't mind dripping IN the boat. Otherwise, on deck, and you'll have to reseal them before it rains. Odds are that there's a much larger area that really needs repair. If you don't get it thoroughly dried and sealed, it will get worse. (Or hire pro to tap and meter, if you don't want to make holes and refill them.)
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I have a Grampian 30 (1971) hull #99. I put plugs in the cockpit drains when sailing to keep water from coming into the cockpit when we're heeled over. I've just started working on the boat from the bottom up. Tore out all the gate valves and thru-hulls, removed the rudder for minor repair, now looking at the cutlass bearing and hose connecting to the shaft log as needing repair (possibly original equipment), before installing a new gas tank.
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