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That appears to be a SC22 not a SC23. They are very different boats.

SC22: SOUTH COAST 22 sailboat specifications and details on
SC23: SOUTH COAST 23 sailboat specifications and details on

The SC22 displaces 1800 lbs and has a swing keel
The SC23 displaces 3750 lbs and has full keel

We own a SC23 and I have been happy with her as our first keelboat. Old boats take work -- but it is worth it!.

Unfortunately I can't tell you much about the SC22. But in general I suggest you find a boat in exactly the condition you want.

You will always spend more money getting a 'free' or 'cheap' boat up to your standards than you will purchasing a boat that is already there. This was true for the free HobieCat 14 that I put $500.00 into and then gave away. I am sure it will be true when time comes to sell our SC23.

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