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So yesterday I finished my spring prep work and the boat was ready to be launched. I needed to bring up the gear from basement to put on the boat. I removed this stuff to get better access to the lazarette, engine, spaces, etc.

Instead of just grabbing the stuff (stored in 3 milk crates and two similar sized plastic bins) I decided to inventory it and only bring on board what I needed. I found:
  • 3 hand scrub brushes. Looks like 2 have never been wet
  • 2 long handed deck brushes. I bought one and had never know the other one was there
  • 6 good dock lines and at least that many older back ups
  • 2 big bottles of diesel fuel conditioner, both 1/2 full
  • 2 bottles of 'boat wash'
  • 2 diving masks and snorkels
  • 2 short fresh water hoses (in addition to the 50' hose I leave on board)
  • 3 hose nozzles
  • 2 5 gallon buckets
I have now reduced everything to just a few spares. I guess I should have done a better job inventorying everything back in 2006 when I bought this boat.

The real good news is that the boat should be launched today.

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LOL... there are boat gremlins that will hide stuff you bought, and then bring it back out about a day after you buy the supplies again... :)
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