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spectra and sta-set for spin sheet

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I would like to make up some light weight spinnaker sheets. I've seen the technique of removing the core but I'm thinking of another idea that may result in a lighter stronger sheet.

Would it be possible to splice very light weight spectra, maybe 1/8" to 1/2" sta-set. I'm thinking it would be a technique similar to splicing the sta-set to wire for older style halyards.

Any foreseeable problems?
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I use 5/16 Dynema with the covers stripped off 15' for my spin sheets on my 34 footer. The stripped portion weighs next to nothing and are strong enough carry the sail in winds over 20kts. If the winds go light, I unshackle the lazy guy which mostly does the trick. If the winds are really light, I bought some ¼ Dacron (sta-set?) for my dental floss. But frankly, at those wind speeds, the weight of ¾ oz kite is more of an issue than the line weight. Some day I'll get get me a ½ oz runner.
Thanks george but on this boat we hold the spin sheets by hand with no winch and were hoping to have a 1/2" handle.
What size boat you sailing - 1/2" is too large for a spinnaker sheet unless your pushing 50" plus, go with 3/8" and buy a winch or two.
I'd suggest a max of 3/8" for a "handle" on a spin sheet. You can get away with 5/16. I wouldn't use sta-set, it's a pain to splice, for another 10 or 20 bucks you can get a line that splices much easier, and stretches less.
No winches allowed.
It's a Hobie 18.
It is special rigged with a asim spin and it is a handful.

We had no wind at the beach but went out anyway and were making 12 knots over ground on the sound.
Obviously we are just fooling around and seeing what will will happen if!!!
You would be out to lunch to put 1/2 line on a Hobie 18, even 3/8" is probably overkill. that boat has a big racing following, you should be able to get better advice elsewhere.
Why don't you just take your small spectra, attach a fid to it and run it through a section of an appropriate sized piece of soft double braid. Or even the cover of a piece of double braid. Something like Yale Lite perhaps. Then just taper and whip the junctions.
Your idea of splicing 1/8" line to 1/2" line seems to me to be impractical and unnecessary.

Thanks. The answer helped me too.

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