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Amazing! After more than 5 years aboard this boat, I have found a spinnaker dowser of some sort, in the bottom of a forepeak locker.
Has anybody seen anything like this before and do you have any idea of who made it and/or how to rig it?
It has about a dozen plastic rings of varying sizes and lots of lines and shock cord, with a small block and a round wooden stop(?). Hope the pics help.
The device/set is from the late 1970's early '80's and, at that time, was known as a "Spinnaker Sally", a forerunner to the Spinnaker Sock of today. In the "old days" one would pull the head of a spinnaker through a plastic bucket with the bottom cut out. The buckets had relatively large but weak rubber bands stretched over them and every few feet of sail, one would slip a rubber band off the bucket, around the sail. With the sail "trussed", it was easy to control the hoist and the launch but one was still confronted with recovering the sail which, for a large sail and short handed crew, could be problematic. The Spinnaker Sally came about when someone figured out that by slicing the bucket horizontally and jointing the resulting hoops with lines, one could control the hoist and launch of the sail, and, with a single down-haul to "snuff" the sail, the recovery. It worked, "Kinda", but the theory was (far) better than the reality.

Despite the foregoing, you might want to "give it a whack". It would be an interesting experiment. Or Not.

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