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Yikes... I agree with weinie, that thing looks like a freakin' DISASTER waiting to happen... If ever there was a spinnaker 'sock' designed by Rube Goldberg, that's it... I'd sooner try using it as a drogue/drag device... :)

You might actually be able to snuff a chute in ideal or tame conditions with it. My concern would be during the hoist and unfurling. After the thing is at full hoist, if any part of the chute between any of those hoops begins to fill, you could have a real mess on your hands... Even with an ATN, the sail can sometimes tend to bunch up inside the sleeve as it is hoisted - with that contraption, seems like it would be a virtual guarantee... Not to mention, the potential for fouling that rat's nest on lines on a spreader tip, or something else up the rig?

I wouldn't even bother trying it, put that piece of crap on eBay, ASAP...

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