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No Halyards!!??

Ok. I have no halyards ( since I have a roller ).
So I couldn't use a spin anyways.
No Halyards??:eek:
Of course you have halyards, one for the mainsail and one for the headsail before the rollerfurler was installed.
I believe you mentioned a Snapfurler, is that the Schaefer Snapfurler CF500 or CF700, I have the CF700. The CF700 uses the jib halyard to initially hoist the headsail up the foil then I furl it from there.
There are other brands such as CDI which make use of an internal halyard thereby making the original jib halyard redundant which then frees it up for spinnaker use.
Someone also mentioned that some foils have two slots so that you can raise the next sail before dropping the first sail but that would entail two jib halyards, something you may wish to consider if your snapfurler is the same as mine. I am thinking of switching my single jib halyard pulley block with a double pulley block to facilitate the use of two jib halyards so that I can have a spare one for a spinnaker. I do not have a spinnaker yet but it is on my wish list and with any luck it will be on my boat next spring. I keep an eye on threads like this just for that reason, I too am on the lookout for ideas.:D
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