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Splicing double braid

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OK, I need to make some eye splices on a few lines. I have done 3-strand splices, but never double braid. I found some instructions for 'core-dependent' rope, and another for 'non-core-dependent' rope. The line I am splicing was on the boat when I bought it. No idea what kind of materials it is. The core is braided, not straight. Which technique should I use? Instructions/DblBrd_C2_Eye Splice_AUG2012_WEB.pdf
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You may find it impossible if the rope is used. :D

If you have never done it before, only use new rope. Used rope quickly gets too tight to splice but without any experience you may not know what is happening.

Fairly lightly used line can be softened up by washing it but if it has been stretched taut very many times it becomes nearly impossible to splice no matter what you do.
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One tip I found from experimenting - if you are using aluminium fids, polish them before you start your splice - they slide MUCH easier.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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