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Sponsored to sail!

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Has anyone ever put a logo on a dacron sail? Our sail manufacturer uses the method that sail numbers are put on sails with, which is to glue coloured sail cloth onto the sail.

Has anyone ever silk-screened a logo or emblem on their sail. A local tee-shirt shop is offering to do this.
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Answering my first question here, but the silk screen people are saying they need to heat the material up to 300 deg for 10 minutes to make the silk screen which will probably melt the sail.

I am going to try stickers on the sail...hopefully they will last for the event (3 days of sailing.)

Anyone ever put a sticker on a sail? How long did it last?
Stickers should last for a LONG time frankly. If sail numbers, insignias etc are nothing more than a stick on, why would advertising not last as long? I have stick on lettering on my dumptruck that is 15 yrs old, and was warrenteed to not lose color etc for 7 or 8 yrs.......granted after 15+ yrs, it is a bit faded, and some edges are finally falling off, a weekend, put on properly should not be an issue.

Hobie sail numbers are stick on. They seem to last a long time and get a fair bit of abuse.
Graphics on Sails

For larger images, silkscreening has been the most common method (and cheapest) for a long time. Vinyl graphics are used on mylar sail with great success. Most sail numbers are computer cut from with "Insignia Cloth" which is heatpressed. It moves and breathes with the weave. We can digitally print on either of these materials for some really cool effects too.
There was a company some years back that was giving away free sails provided they could put someone's advertising on it. I don't think that went over very well...
I have my boat's name in large letters on the genoa, done by the sailmaker - it has worked quite well and looks quite dramatic.
I believe the boats in the Volvo Ocean Race paint their sails. Might be an option - sure it would require some special paint.
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