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Spreader Issues

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Have an Endeavour 38 and noticed the port spreader sagging down one day. Well on investigation when we pulled the spreader off the socket/base it was discovered part of the base was broken. One of the previous owners at some stage had a problem with this and went in and drilled into the broken portion and ran a sheet metal screw in and then just wired the bushing in that the retainer pin goes through on the spreader. Looks like the tried to put some epoxy or JB Weld type material to fill it some. When the bushing broke up, that's why the spreader end on the mast dropped and the ends on the stays sagged some. Mickey mouse way of doing it and has been that way awhile. Guessing the PO did this just to get by and sell it. The bad part is the spreader base is welded to the mast. This is an Isomat mast. So wondering if there are any bright ideas out there. Guess at some stage going to have to have it pulled to work on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Attached a pic if I did this right
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+1 to everyone else. I'm also a rigger.
You need to pull the stick and get it fixed, have the rigger inspect the other spreaders while it's down.

To be honest that picture frightens me. Someone was up the mast when they took that photo.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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