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After sailing a pearson 26 extensively the past couple of years, I upgraded to a pearson 30 last fall. When I bought it, the mast was already stepped. I'm planning on sailing the boat down to the Bahamas or maybe even the Caribbean this fall. Right now I am trying to ID and correct any potential problems that may arise before they occur. One of these potential problems is with the spreaders. After taking a trip up the mast this previous weekend, I noted that the spreaders are showing significant signs of aging, so I want to take them down to refinish or replace them. However, I am not planning on taking the mast down before the trip, and would like to avoid doing so if at all possible. The boat is currently moored in a fairly protected location. Do you think that the lower shrouds and stern and bow stays will be enough support for me to go up in the bosuns chair to remove the spreaders for a day or so?
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