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To the Florida Guy:

Herb is not your answer, nor would he like to be recommended for meeting your needs. His service is intended for offshore passagemaking, while you just want to know daily WX for your location.

You have several options, to some extent depending on whether you have a SSB receiver or transciever, or if you hold a ham license.
1. For Marine SSB purposes, you can listen to 4.003 USB at 0645 or 0700 (I''m sorry but the time has slipped a bit in my memory). This Net is run by a couple in Nassau & its value is that boats in various parts of the Bahamas report in their WX in add''n to getting the Nassau Met Office WX.
2. There''s a second Net of the same type on a 40 meter (7 mHz) frequency 15 mins later (I believe 0715) and it works the same way, controlled by the same couple (Nick & Carolyn; she''s the ham operator) but the boats participating tend to be different (since they''re also all hams) so you get *add''l* reports from the different islands. Just piecing together these two short Nets gives you a good feel for local conditions for the day. The freq is 7.0XX LSB and scanning at 0715 should bring it up.
3. Listen in to the Waterway Net at 0745 Eastern on 7.268 LSB and you''ll get everything you need: NOAA coastal, SWNA Offshore & Bahamas f''casts. This is one-stop shopping at its best, and you can sleep in a bit longer! <g> Only snag is that a SSB receiver is usually not as sensitive and it may have trouble pulling in *every* station reporting WX on this Net every single day.

Jack Tyler
Aboard WHOOSH, lying Port of Spain, Trinidad
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