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After at least 12 years the ST-60 mastead unit seems to be dying.
On Stb tack it seems to be functioning correctly, but on port tack when the boat is actually doing 50 to 60 degrees on the wind, the indicator shows 30 or less, not something one would expect this boat to do.
I can't see this being a fault of the wind vane itself, but rather the masthead unit/arm.
In researching the method of replacement and the part needed, I came across this:
"Posted by Ed Shankle on June 10, 2014 at 1:51pm in Instruments
When I went up the mast and pulled the old unit, I found the old unit had a slot in the end to be inserted, while the new one has a nub(?) nipple(?). Can't imagine it's the correct replacement. But that's what tech support confirmed yesterday. Unfortunately, I went up the the back side of the mast and couldn't see around the front to check out the base unit. But below is a picture of the two units. The one on the right is the old unit. There is a set screw showing on the old one, but that is actually a bit set back so do not confuse that. The two units are held in the same orientation so you can see the slot vs the nub. I'd like to clarify befor going up the mast again. thanks! - Ed"
This was posted on the Raymarine site forum and had no responses (way to go Raymarine!)
I'd rather not order a part that won't work. Has anyone replaced an older ST-60 masthead unit/arm with a newer one and had a similar problem? If so was there a work around or must whole unit including the cable also be changed?


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