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As billyruffn notes, Luperon is really your only good hidey hole, I'm make sure you were confident of the weather before getting too far past there. Next best spot to probably run and hide would be New Providence or Grand Bahama.

I'd plan on giving the Turks & Caicos a miss, unless you don't mind getting hit up for a very expensive fee for even the shortest of visits...

If you do go via the Old Bahama Channel, make sure you have a very solid crew whom you can trust on your off watch... That can be a tiring run, a long narrow gauntlet with a lot of shipping traffic, bordered by a largely unmarked reef to the north... Depending on where your destination is in FL, and all other things being equal with a decent forecast, I'd favor capta's route, passing N of the Silver Bank and T&Cs, and passing thru the Bahamas via the Providence Channels, or perhaps into Exuma Sound. If your destination is S Florida, a decent route can be to pass thru the Exumas around Staniel Cay, and take the Decca Channel into the Tongue of the Ocean, up thru NW Channel, then across the bank to South Riding Rocks, which can give you a decent angle for crossing the Stream to S Florida...

If for no other reason, I'd favor passing thru the Bahamas simply because it affords you the opportunity to take a break, if the crew is feeling the need. That option really doesn't exist on the Old Bahama Channel route, unless you're gonna enter Cuba, or perhaps make a stop on the Cay Sal Bank... And, it goes without saying, AIS would be really nice to have for the Old Bahama Channel. On a boat without it, I'd be much more inclined to go up thru the Bahamas, instead...

Good luck, keep a sharp eye on the weather in the NW Caribbean, that's the most likely spawning ground for a tropical system that time, as TS Andrea developed in early June of last year...
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