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Hi, from St.Louis. My 1980 Hunter 33 is for sale because I bought an 87 Pearson 39-2 and am bringing it from St.Pete,FL down and around Miami and up to the Chesapeake, the Solomon Yacht Club to be specific. :cool:

I have a JRC 1800 radar/chartplotter and for use with my laptop at the navstation, a 76CSX. My chart selection is nil and I am looking for purchase or borrow some charts that will help with this trip. I am particularly looking for the chips from Garmin that I can use with the 76CSX. I am hoping some exceptional sailor has them and no longer needs or wants them and would like to turn them into cash quickly to help the economy.

Since I will be leaving St.Pete on May 14th, not much time to get them but I thought I would check with the mariner gurus to find what I can in the limited time allowed. Kind of dipping my toes in the water before its too late...or already it is?:mad:

Steve K
Pearson 39-2
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