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Stand-on? Give way?

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Twice this past weekend, almost got clipped! I dunno; but every which way I read it, regs say I have right of way. Mebbe I'm not seeing it right tho, so asking for input.

Sunday afternoon back-n-forth.across the channel, lie. so many/all other sails do. Nice beam reach WX. Making way outbound the mooring field and see a HUGE trawler-type anda smaller spedboat coming S. towards me; perhaps 300 yds out.. I'm already centered in the channnel, mebbe 50 yds past/out from the permanent day-marker line. Neither PB slows or diverts. I'm making 2.5kt and figure as the "stand-on' I should hold course and speed. Maybe fifty yards short of me, the speeder (a big one!) veers to my stern at full power, the trawler hold his line and speed (10-12 KT?)...with a five foot or so bow- wave!...and I decide to avoid contact by turning downwind to stbd. Now I'm in the "vee" of two wakes and making. the choice oftaking the smaller (2.5'?) wake head-on and letting thbig, rolling 4+ footertake me on the Stbd. quarter. Both PBs pass within spitting distance.
Bounced, twisted and. turned! I hollerfor my Mate to get. down low and hold on. She ended up on the deck,taking a header into the companionway and. breaking the fire-extinguisher off it's mount .Helluva thing to get smacked in the azz by one wave . while plowing into to opposing.

Almost exactly the same spot on Monday. Opposite direction and runnign beamreach at 3.5kt. Yep! Another "wedding-cake" trawler trying tomakethe marker before me, I suppose . Huge bow wave, no backing down/off and as we came stbd to cut his wake; rose over the first and surfed down into the second, nearly taking it over the bow.
But his Admiral" waved as they went by. :sheesh:, leaving us hobby-horse-ing and rigging snapping and groaning.

So...other than the ubiquitous "Bigger boat has more weight to toss around" answers; what *IS* the rule? Sure and I understand the responssibilty to maintain ssafety and good practices part; hence the move or be crushed instinct cutting in ;) Does the boat travelling the channel have rights over crossing? Am I wrong (Colregs)? or expectintoo much by the way of courtesy on thewater?

Other than that, it was a great three days of sailing :)
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I can't fully understand the OP's post, or follow ups. Are you typing on a cell phone, or is this the way that you always type?

I believe that the OP was a question about the inland navigation rules, as they pertain to power and sail boats. You can find the law here: Navigation Rules Online

The specific area in question is this;
Rule 18 - Responsibilities Between Vessels

Except where Rules 9, 10, and 13 otherwise require:

(a) A power-driven vessel underway shall keep out of the way of:

(i) a vessel not under command;
(ii) a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver;
(iii) a vessel engaged in fishing;
(iv) a sailing vessel.

(b) A sailing vessel underway shall keep out of the way of:

(i) a vessel not under command;
(ii) a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver;
(iii) a vessel engaged in fishing.

(c) A vessel engaged in fishing when underway shall, so far as possible, keep out of the way of:

(i) a vessel not under command;
(ii) a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver.

[(d) (i) Any vessel other than a vessel not under command or a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid impeding the safe passage of a vessel constrained by her draft, exhibiting the signals in Rule 28.]

[(ii) A vessel constrained by her draft shall navigate with particular caution having full regard to her special condition.]

(e | d) A seaplane on the water shall, in general, keep well clear of all vessels and avoid impeding their navigation. In circumstances, however, where risk of collision exists, she shall comply with the Rules of this Part.

[(f) (i) A WIG craft shall, when taking off, landing and in flight near the surface, keep well clear of all other vessels and avoid impeding their navigation;]

[(ii) a WIG craft operating on the water surface shall comply with the Rules of this Part as a power-driven vessel.]
Unless these other boats were either not under command, restricted in their ability to maneuver, or COMMERCIAL fishing vessels with their gear out (not two dopes and a six pack), the sailboat is the stand on vessel. From what I could discern, it seems like these boats were "buzzing" you, which is illegal.

If it were me, I would be on the horn (5 blasts) when it appeared that they were going to come too close. I would also have my cell phone at the ready to take a picture. I would then take appropriate action to prevent a collision. After the incident, I would let the CG know on channel 16. I would also follow up by phone with this guy if in MD;
Col George F Johnson , IV
Tawes State Office Bldg 3
580 Taylor Ave
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410.260.8881
Fax: 410.260.8878

or this guy if in PA;
Thomas Kamerzel
PO Box 67000
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000
Phone: 717.705.7861
Fax: 717.705.7802

Please do us all a favor, and help get these clowns off the water.
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As near as I can tell, Memorial Day in the Chesapeake is a holiday primarily devoted to ignoring the navigation rules, mis-using the radio, drunkenly crashing your jet ski into anchored sailboats, and being generally discourteous to other boaters.
... and this;
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