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Standing Rigging tight enough?

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Hi All,

This question is for you who have experience tweaking standing rigging. The rigging was "dock tuned" by a pro rigger. I went out and had some wind this weekend and hope I finished the tuning correctly.

1st day we only had enough wind so that no matter how tight I pulled the sails in, we could only get a max of 12-15 degrees of list. I was clearly able to see the mast top leaning to leeward along with the slack lower shrouds on the leeward side. Lightened the cap shrouds so I had a straight pole and tightened the lowers hand tight to remove the "loose" cable on the leeward sides.

2nd day we had good wind and got to 20 degrees no problem. The mast was still straight, but the loweres were floppy slack again, so I hand tightened them again.

So I've done what most articles I read said to do (as well as the rigger who helped me step the mast). I put the Loos tension gauge on back at the dock and here's my question after the readings. My cap shrouds are at 12%, the forward loweres are at 9%, the aft lowers are at 7% and the back stay is between 9 and 12% (I have a slight rake on the mast).

Are these number high enough? I don't know what "good" looks like. I probably wouldn't be asking this question if I didn't have a gauge. :eek:

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I hope this is not considered a thread jack but here goes..

I understand that all rigs are different as are all boats so..
I just finished rebedding my chain plates and refreshing the turnbuckels and toggels so a new tune is in oreder. My trailer sailor (Catalina 22 cant get my sig to change?) rigging 1/8th" has a breaking streangth of 2100 LBS from witch I came up with these numbers using my loose gauge and some math.

2100 X .15 = 315. (.15 =15% breaking streangth)
315 = @31 0n the loose gauge.

2100 X .12 = 252
252 [email protected] on loose gauge.

2100 X .11 = 231
231 = @27 on loose gauge.

Dose this sound about right for a dry tune?

How dose one know how much backstay pressure to run?

I also do not understand the reasoning behind having the leward standing rigging slack?
How dose slack rigging not "slam over" while tacking or gybing and contribute to huge shock loads?

I hope this is not out of line and as always thanks for the time and advice.
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Thanks Stumble.
That is a well writen answer.
So get the mast in coloum at the dock (on trailer in my case) then tack while watching leward shrouds, Tack back over and tighten leward shrouds then tack back and recheck?

My mast has a ton of prebend in it, 8-10" I assume, This may well be from me setting the rigging to numbers. Im thinking in the future i should set the forestay first then shrouds then rearstay?

Cant access that link for some reason?

I will say I was verry surprised at just how flexable my mast realy is with functioning turn buckels and not having the rigging stuck fast in the spreaders.
Thanks again for the advice.
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