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So I've done what most articles I read said to do (as well as the rigger who helped me step the mast). I put the Loos tension gauge on back at the dock and here's my question after the readings. My cap shrouds are at 12%, the forward loweres are at 9%, the aft lowers are at 7% and the back stay is between 9 and 12% (I have a slight rake on the mast).
That is too loose.

Having the numbers that low reduces stress on the chainplates and standing rigging, but increases it on the mast.

This inexpensive book does a very good job of explaining how to tune your standing rigging, also has good instructions on adjusting running rigging to maximize your sail performance, and is small enough and easy enough to follow to leave on the boat:
Sail and Rig Tuning: Ivar Dedekam: 9781898660675: [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@51Cd5vcK%2BzL
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