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I'm new on they thread . just bought a StarCraft 12foot sailboat .
And I haven't been able to find any information out about it .Does anyone know were I could find information out on this sailboat it in real good shape and looks like everything is there to sail with .
But like I said this is my first sailboat .Want to make sure I set things up right .
Hope someone could help me .Please see attached pics
Thanks Dave
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Congrats on your "new" boat!
From googling "starcraft sailboat" I learned that the 12' version is called a "Seaflight".
They made a few other models of different lengths.

With the mast so far forward I'm going to guess that there may be only a big main sail and no jib, but I could be wrong. It could have a "handkerchief" jib.

Here is a really good reference on how to set up smaller sailboats: Rigging Small Sailboats - Title page

I had a similar old fiberglass boat that was fun to sail in shallow places other boats could not go. It was fun until the wind piped up to 15 mph or more. Start out with light winds and work your way up.
Have fun!
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