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Ah, but those old A4s will give you years of life if you take care of them.

What's been written so far might seem arcane and complex, but if you look the comments over you'll realize that the A4 is a very basic gasoline engine that even a weekend mechanic can maintain. If you've ever tuned up a '70s or earlier American car engine the A4 will look very familiar to you.

Would you attempt to start any engine that's been sitting for a few years without making sure it had good oil and gas, good wires and a good battery?

If all you really want to do is see if the engine will start, don't even worry about the impeller. If it starts you'll know right away and the first two minutes running dry won't hurt a thing. Replacing an impeller on an A4 is a 15 minute job anyway, depending on your access.

Don't be scared off by the A4. Do you know anything more about a diesel? :D
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