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Hi all,
This weekend I ran into a problem with my starter battery that has me stumped, and I was wondering if anyone could offer a diagnosis.

I have a starter and a house bank on my sailboat with a 1-2-all battery selector switch. I put the switch on the starter battery (2) and got juice to my instrument panel, but when I hit the starter button the whole system lost power. My volt meter at the breaker box dropped to zero, but if I flipped the selector switch to 1 and then back to 2, power was restored but would die again when I attempted to start. I was able to get my engine to crank and run via my house bank, but this isn't a viable long-term solution.

I couldn't identify anything physically wrong with my connection, and the starter battery shows voltage in the 13+ range but just won't crank. This is the first time it's happened - any ideas?

This is the classic sign of a bad battery (assuming you have been keeping it fully charged and your connections are good). Take it to a battery shop and ask them to test it. The service is free. If you need a new one, you'll be in a position to buy it right there.
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