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Great boat, the P30. Congrats!

Don't set your sights too high on how much your family will get involved in sailing.

I hate to say that but it comes from decades of watching families come into-and go out of sailing. I've seen many.

When everybody starts young, it's much easier and in my experience, sailing is more likely to become a part of a families life(like most recreations). My family still lives sailing and we're all adults now.

I'd let your older son bring whatever he thinks might interest him. Tougher to do on a boat but he might be able to bring some portable stuff. The idea being that you get him out there sailing and let him decide without feeling like he has to do it.

Chances are he'll love it! The younger one already loves the idea by the sounds, as you point out.

The rest is up to you. It might be easy and they take to it like fish to water. But for best results, you've gotta show them the best there is out there. Sail for them.

Don't go too far, don't go beyond the capabilites of the least experienced family member to feel safe and secure. Combine the sailing with things onshore they love to do.

I bet it works out well for you and your family, because you're asking.
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