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Have you looked closely at how the halyard pulls on the headboard of the sail as it gets to the top? The previous owner of my boat did all this lubricating crap, and showed me how to do it. It was still very dificult to get the last two feet or so all the way up.

When I looked closely at the halyard as it approached the top (binoculars from down the dock) I could see that the halyard was very close to the mast while the shackle hole in the headboard was some 2" out. As the headboard gets close to the top it bends over the slugs on the sail and binds everything. I have seen this problem on many boats.

I welded a stainless ring to a stainless strap and drilled out two of the headboard rivets. I then bolted the strap through the rivet holes so that the ring was close to the mast. The halyard shackle hooks into that now, and the pull on the sail is now straight in line with the bolt rope, so it pulls the slugs up nice and straight.

I still have a small problem with the top batten driving into the mast, but I believe the previous owner put the wrong batten in there, and it needs to be changed.

Gary H. Lucas
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