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A lot of dive shops in FL that rent wetsuits swear by our disinfectant / deodorizer OdoBan Eucalyptus scent. They dilute it at about 1 oz/gallon and soak the wetsuits in it after each rental, then hang to drip dry. We've had some tell us that if they don't use it the entire shop smells like urine funk from the wetsuits. At that concentration you won't get any real disinfecting action, but you probably don't need it anyway. You can buy the gallon concentrate at Home Depot or Sam's Club all over the US and Mexico. A gallon of concentrate goes for about $10. Works great as a surface cleaner inside the boat and on mildew smell too.

The guys are right, any cleaner can affect the water repelency but what have you got to lose? The spray on repellents are never as effective as the original, but they aren't bad.

Fair disclosure, I work as an R&D chemist for the company, but OdoBan really is perfect for that sort of thing. I use it for all kinds of stuff around the house.
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