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Storing/using VC17 anti-fouling

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Is it advisable to store mixed, unused VC17 to use the next year. I often have a half a can left over of this expensive stuff. I put the lid on, store it over the winter, and apply the next spring with no apparent problem.

But, not really sure if this is how the product should be used. The reason I ask, is that when you buy vc17, you have to mix the dry copper powder into the liquid prior to use. Once the powder's mixed in, is there a shelf life?
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Shelf life of mixed-up VC is probably indefinite; other than the copper particles 'clumping' together. The 'clumping' can be easily remedied by taking the unused mixture to a paint store that has a 'vibratory mixer' to restore the 'fluidity' of the mixture.

Since the 'carrier' fluid is principally acetone, you can also add some to help 'thin out' the mix while re-mixing (by hand stirring).

Best way to store VC is to apply it ALL to the boat, and then 'burnish' it (mechanically 'smearing' it) into areas that have become thin - waterline, leading edge of keel/rudder, etc. Use high high quality magazine paper to do the 'smearing/burnishing'.
You can also 'pick up' some of the already applied VC from the hull with a brush wetted with acetone; just 'pick up' and use that paint to cover adjacent thin spots.
For the definitive answer, ask your question over on the Interlux forum. A Tech Rep will give you the straight dope:

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