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Unfortunately I don't have any better pictures of the cradle. This is the best one I have and yes, we're noobs and left the headsail furled up over winter. imgur: the simple image sharer

We were thinking that we should get her in the water to get the load off and work on her there. Would it be best to keep her out and change up the stand configuration to get off that spot? Also, in the cradle, the keel is resting at the bottom. When the boat was hauled out, we were not there and we just assumed they would know what they were doing (we certainly didn't know any better).
My Vega did the same thing, but fortunately had no stringer to fracture and the depression popped out once the load was removed. Moving the support pad to a position on the hull under a rear bulkhead solved the issue. Can you modify the cradle to achieve this?
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