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That step looks like you have a round peg (mast) in a square hole (step). I had one like that and fixed it with the following process. Cost was two VERY long all stainless hose clamps.

Get a dead innertube from a tire store and cut a piece out of it sufficient to wrap 1 1/2 times around the mast.

Wrap it around the mast "bottom up" where the top will sit and hose clamp it. Before you clamp it, arrange it so the exposed seam will be centered on the aft face of the mast.

Fold it down over the clamp, wrap it over the mast step and put another hose clamp around the outside to hold it to the step.

Run a bead of caulking into the small depression at the top which was formed by rolling it back on itself - this will keep water from sitting in the small depression.

Presto - no more water coming in (at deck level).
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