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Sugar scoop transom safety in big seas

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I have a question regarding sugar scoop transom safety in big following seas. It would seem like such a transom might be a liability if a big wave was to crash on it. Same with a transom mounted swim platform, that could possibly be ripped out from it's mounting by a crashing wave.
Any thoughts or experiences?
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Appendages outside the hull, like swimming platforms, should be considered expendable at sea. Consider the forces if a 10-20' wave breaks and drops a nice "block" of green water, around 64# per cubic foot, on them from that height. No matter how you change the estimates, it is still going to mean "Can six sumos jump on it t once?"

And while sugar scoops make for easy cockpit drainage and fast MOB recovery, it was pointed out back in the 80's that a sugar scoop has the most stable and inherent buoyancy when the hull is, uh, INVERTED.

So...I don't Larry Pardey would choose to build one.
Maybe I missed it, but the one thing I didn't find on Jordan's web site was any link to any subjective testing comparing series drogues to conventional drogues, let along proving them superior. Drogues are fairly old technology, even if sailors haven't paid much attention to them until recently.
Thanks, Jon. I had started the USCG paper but there's so much yada yada ahead of that...

Seems more like overall impressions than real a/b comparison but since they don't see any DISadvantage to it...that counts too!
FWIW, "isinglass" is what pioneers two hundred years ago used to get some light when they couldn't find a source for expensive glass.

Folks who refer to isinglass on boats, usually just mean they don't know what the window material actually is. So talking about how hard or easy it is to blow out something that's made of unknown material...really....

Even the Pardeys use newer, better, stronger, more expensive glazing materials than isinglass.
1 - 4 of 109 Posts
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