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I don't know your boat, so this is just a suggestion to think about.

It looks like the genoa sheet has quite a lot of side loading where it runs through the block . You can probably reduce that friction by running the sheet to a foot block, mounted a couple of feet (or more) behind the winch. Then in the run between foot block and the winch you have room for a rope clutch. Two foot blocks and two clutches from Garhauer $230. Garhauer is good stuff but might be bigger than you need, and you can probably do it for less if you shop around and/or look second hand.

This is similar to the arrangement on my l Catalina. There are self-tailers instead of clutches although I am going to add clutches so that I can use the primary winches for the genoa car system I have bought, but not yet installed.

Here is a picture of a Catalina 36 that I borrowed from the web.

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